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In 1874 when the first case of child abuse was alleged a horribly graphic case of a young girl beaten it was the ASPCA that was called to advocate for the child. At the time, children were considered property and there were no laws against their abuse. However, there were animal-protection laws in place and the girl was successfully defended by using the animal protection law, since, her attorney argued, she was an animal. Subsequently, Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children rapidly came into existence. The link between violence to children and violence to animals has been studied ever since. (S)  

Animal Welfare
APFA is committed to showing the public that there is no need to wear an animal's fur, and that educational coexistence approaches to managing human-wildlife interactions are not only compassionate, they are the most effective for dealing with so-called 'nuisance' wildlife. 

bolivia Bolivia gives legal rights to the Earth
The Law of Mother Earth
The right to not be affected by mega- infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities


Animal welfare is a shared responsibility of governments and industry (including animal owners, transporters and staff in registered slaughter establishments). Industry stakeholders and animal welfare groups play an active role in policy development.

“Fur” a better Latvia

The last decade or so has seen huge progress in reducing the fur trade throughout Europe. Fur farming has been banned in the United Kingdom, Croatia and Austria.
Fur farming has been banned in the United Kingdom, Croatia and Austria. In addition, it has been ... Baltic Devon Mink fur farm, Latvia. Pic: Dzīvnieku ...


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