Pollution in The Tusket  The Salmon River & The Sissiboo

Tri-County Watershed Protection Association
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coneTell them it was an "Act of God"  that should shut them up.   Listen to their problem, file report in circular bin.  Stonewall for months or years and lose in red tape.   The final report is 180 degrees from previous agreed on report, therefore they have 24 hours to review!, before it becomes law.  All interdepartmental business will be conducted inside the "Cone of Silence".

Decisions that affect the life and health of ecosystems are often made by individuals with little understanding of the implications of those decisions. "Something don't look right, in some parts of, around here".  It's happening on your watch.


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1. Bureaucracy
If you are involved with bureaucracy this might help to explain it's good and bad aspects.

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