Pollution in The Tusket  The Salmon River & The Sissiboo

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These problems may not be Biblical in scale, but for those effected it is a significant kick in the quality of life as well as a health concern. 

Filth Flies:
flies FAQ: Filth Flies: The house fly and other types of filth flies can become nuisance pests, but also are important for their potential to harm humans and animals. The habits of filth flies favor the spread of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Filth flies often feed and lay eggs on garbage, manure and carrion .Filth flies pick up pathogenic organisms from sewage, garbage, manure, decaying bodies and other such sources. (S)
More information  .......
Filth Flies I am hoping to get in touch with a contact or contacts who have an interest in better controlling filth flies on mink farms ...More

Sea Gulls
Video of gulls around fish processing plant and houses in the area.
 Gulls can also be problematic to ranchers as they can be a vector for spreading Aleutian disease.

Feral Mink:  Domestic animals that escape into the wild.

 Reports of mink killing are more common than one may think.  In South Ohio Yarmouth Co.   black mink killed 45 turkeys at one location.    More:
Mink attacks killing turkeys: N.S. farmers  
Posted: Sep 08, 2010 8:44 PM AT
Mink goes on rampage at duck farm 
Assessing the potential for impacts by feral
mink on wild mink in Canada PDF



1.Full text of "MINK DISEASES"

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