Pollution in The Tusket  The Salmon River & The Sissiboo

Tri-County Watershed Protection Association
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There are no lack of opinions or perspectives; or ways of getting your views presented.  Become involved. 

2014 -2015

Appeal assessment because of mink industry impact
Vanguard: January 16, 2014: This group of eight  families disputed their taxes based on the negative impacts of smell, attraction of seagulls, escapees, etc. This complaint was accompanied with lots of evidence such as pictures, and letters.

2012 -2013

?Whatbiosecure happened at Little Lake Doucette??
Last year the lake was clear,  you could see the bottom.  The lake is now a grayish brown with visibility about 1 foot.  Even more dramatic the rapid pH change  More: Webpage
  1. 2013 10 01 CBC Nova Scotia - Little Lake Doucette Mink Farm ...
  2. http://www.radio-canada.ca/widgets/mediaconsole/medianet/6960758
French language 10 minute film we all should see.  Filth that flows out of most older farms, Stanley Boudreau's model farm.as a good example of progress in the industry.

 Roberts Island has 3 mink ranches.  Recent: Manure spill addressed  (Vanguard )

Polluted lakes the result of money and jobs at all costs, says watershed group:  Referring to a photo distributed with a news release Thursday, the Tricounty Watershed Protection Association urged citizens to "Stop YOUR lake from looking like this.

Passion & Pollution  The members of our group have given tirelessly of themselves for years for no other reason than to protect SW Nova Scotia  fresh water and possibly protect you from this pollution. Please join us in this fight. Tricounty Watershed Protection Association More....
Julia Bancroft 
  1. One family spent $10,000 of their own money to hire a environmental lawyer, another family gave $6000, and we raised additional funds...  everyone gave what they could.
  2. As a newcomer to this issue, it is amazing to see people like Julie Bancroft and the Tri-County Water Shed Protection Association taking the lead in what should be a democratic process.

Groups: No more room for mink manure.May 24, 2013
A 2011 study, prepared for the Nova Scotia Environment Department, suggested the most probable source of nutrients damaging local waterways comes from the mink industry

Not wild-eyed radicals January 31, 2013 By Stephen Hawboldt
The advisory committee in its deliberations might want to look very carefully at questions related to setbacks from waterways, wetlands and wells, proximity to groundwater recharge areas, the handling of mink food and carcasses and the land application of nutrient-rich mink manure and other wastes. It could well be that there are some areas in the Annapolis Valley where the risks of surface and groundwater contamination are too great to permit mink farming.    http://www.annapoliscountyspectator.ca/Opinion

icons/susuki-logo1.jpg   Mink have more teeth than fur farm regulations
Regulations a complete wreck, says Suzuki Foundation  John Werring, Aquatic Habitat Specialist The senior science and policy advisor for the David Suzuki Foundation says he doesn't think the people of Nova Scotia are any better served with the introduction of new fur farm regulations than they were by what was in place before.

Province missed its chance: 
The mink industry in those nations is tightly regulated, with strict enforcement and severe financial penalties for infractions. The result? Good incomes for mink producers, clean air and water, and citizens generally content with mink facilities as neighbours.
Guest Editorial: Nova Scotia sitting duck in mink debate?
January 24, 2013 - 08:13 — Debbie Hall
Nova Scotia is a sitting duck in this regard - a tiny mink industry already existed here for decades and there is a well-established political bent for allowing anything perceived to make a buck / create jobs (no matter the facts - perception rules). Did you ever notice the Department of Agriculture never substantiates their claims on the industry's financial value to Nova Scotia?
Fur Farm Act Means Election Coming or It's Payback time
Subject: Is this the "same old" fur farm act?  by John Horton
Darrell Dexter's NDP government finally published the Fur Farm Act. Some think this is nothing more than a confidential wish list of ways to avoid pesky environmental laws affecting the fur farm industry..... This Document is not about law. Instead it's a Contract of Entitlements that will allow business as usual for the fur industry. There is not one single recommended treatment ...

Mink Regs: The “Scoop on Poop”
Letter re published Mink Reg Jan 17 2013 Julia Bancroft

Approximately five years ago residents of Yarmouth and surrounding areas joined together and formed the Tricounty Watershed Protection Association to stop the pollution being caused by mink farms at the headwaters of the Meteghan, Sissaboo, and Tusket Rivers. The fur farm regulations that have now been passed into law are watered down even more and have no real defined consequences such as fines for non-compliance and would appear to be un-enforceable. Almost none of our concerns were addressed .....
Mink stink II: "The only teeth in these regulations are in the mouth of the mink."
January 18, 2013 Julia Bancroft
Julia Bancroft tells a tale of powerlessness in the fight to protect lakes and rivers in her community from the pollution produced by the fast-growing and lucrative mink industry.  Bancroft is a member of the Tricounty Watershed Protection Association and lives in Yarmouth, NS.  In addition to a long list of concerns over the inefficacy of the new provincial regulations governing the industry, Bancroft is also concerned about the lack of information that is freely available about farms, and the lack of support she's received from her political representatives. 

Mink stink: new regs will not stop pollution of lakes and rivers in NS
January 18, 2013
NS is home to over 2 million mink on farms that are polluting rivers and lakes.  The provincial government has just passed new regulations to help solve the problem, but according to Gretchen Fitzgerald at Sierra Club Atlantic, the new laws do little to nothing to stop the pollution. 
The Sierra Club, along with Ecology Action Centre, East Coast Environmental Law Association, Tri-County Watershed Protection Association, and David Suzuki Foundation issued a press release outlining major problems with the new regulations, including the ability to waive the enforcement of the regulations at the bureaucratic level.

Advocates slam watered down mink farming regulations
CBC News Posted: Jan 17, 2013 7:27 PM AT
The Ecology Action Centre is accusing the government of bowing down to an industry with annual exports of about $100 million. Nova Scotia's mink farming regulations are diluted and not doing enough to ebb harmful algae blooms in streams and lakes in southwestern

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  6. Mink loans don't satisfy pollution activist
  7. Regulations a complete wreck, says Suzuki Foundation
  8. Elizabeth May warns Environment Canada merger
  9. Grand Firs Mink Stink FaceBook

Mink-farm regs: the scoop on poop
January 18, 2013 - 4:56pm By JULIA BANCROFT
About five years ago, residents of Yarmouth and surrounding areas joined together and formed the Tricounty Watershed Protection Association to stop the pollution being caused by mink farms at the headwaters of the Meteghan, Sissaboo and Tusket rivers. The Department of Environment conducted water tests in 10 lakes and

Response to Fur Industry Act Regulations - Media Release: from Ecology Action Centre, East Coast Environmental Law Association, Sierra Club of Canada Atlantic Chapter, David Suzuki Foundation, Tri-County Watershed Protection Association
Debbie Hall Thu, 17 Jan 2013
Green Light to Mink Farmers means Green Lakes for Nova Scotians.. Link...

Vanity product: Paul Mazier, Hectanooga, Digby County: January 28, 2013
What is more reprehensible is how governments, at all three levels, would permit a mink farmer to establish a large farm in the middle of a populated community without any communication with the residents.

Alan Herscovici of the Fur Council of Canada

Regulations a complete wreck, says Suzuki Foundation March 1, 2012
John Werring, a professional biologist and aquatic habitat specialist in the marine and fresh water conservation program with the David Suzuki Foundation, has been monitoring the situation.

Fur Farm Regs Not Enough: Nova Scotia   Published on Monday, 21 January 2013 22:3
To appease residents, the Government of Nova Scotia recently announced new fur farm regulations with a focus on "protecting the environment". (Pfff, yeah right).

Blue Green Algae  and Related Water Links  from Debbie Hall
Mink farming poised to explode
The mink industry has an appalling environmental record in Digby County. Independent research commissioned by NS Environment showed that waste from the mink industry was responsible for massive algae blooms on lakes in Carlton and Tusket watersheds. These waterways are now a public health risk due to this pollution. The industry is still in denial.

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