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We all engage in it to some extent, however telling just half the story can have serious negative "con-sequences". We are proactive with regard to our health and hygiene, we must also be that way when interacting with our environment.  What is on the table is not jobs vs ecosystem.  In-fact tending to the needs of the environment creates jobs.   Get involved, become knowledgeable, express your views, be proactive.
Lets work together to keep our little piece of the planet pollution free.

Link to video and a few comments from page listed below.
Meet a Mink Farmer - Dan Mullen
Published on Dec 17, 2013
Dan Mullen is a mink farmer. He is also President of the Nova Scotia Mink Breeders Association.
  • It's true that Mr. Mullen runs a pretty darn clean operation. But lots of others in NS simply aren't so, and may never be....... (FT)
  • The concept of establishing a “clean” industry will certainly improve public opinion but.... (HV)
  • Fur farming was banned in the Netherlands in 2012. In Slovenia in 2013. Other countries to have banned fur farming:..(TS)
  • As the President of the Nova Scotia Mink Breeders Association-despite the folksy by gosh and golly demeanor of this video--surely Mr. Mullen is aware of the environmental devastation that has already been wreaked upon the waterways in NS by Mink Farming?(B)
  • I would like to point out that there are approx 125 mink farms and at a guess there may be 10 new ones. All the rest are not using best farm practises.(JB)


Published on Dec 17, 2013
Michael Whelan, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA


a Meet a Mink Vet - Dr. Dave MacHattie

Mink Oil

Mink oil project  in works...  
Posted September 25, 2013  Business Reporter Spec Environmental Solutions Inc.  has registered its proposed mink oil production plant near  Concession, Digby County,  approval on or before Nov. 14, 2013    More
Comment page is:  https://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/ea/comments.asp?project=mink-oil-production.

Fur is green" called self-serving campaign:
Retired agrologist Gerald Comeau decided that the issues of mink farming relating to pollution were being hidden behind an industry campaign suggesting that "fur is green".  Within a weeks time, after consulting with friends and neighbors, he made an online petition available to the public through the activist web site, Avaaz.

Comments: http://www.southcoasttoday.ca/content/mink-stink-greenwash-petition
  1. The manure, carcasses, chemicals, antibiotics, disease, destroyed lakes, poisoned water,
  2. Thank you Mr. Comeau for bringing forward yet another discusting aspect of the mink industry.
  3. When enough people become aware of the suffering imposed upon animals like these mink, it will be ended.

Fur sales plummet due to warm weather in Asia: Apr 14, 2014

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