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1. Search for phrases by enclosing the phrase in double quotes. Eg. "statue of liberty".
2. Phrase connectors: Hyphens, periods, equal signs and slashes are commonly used phase connectors and will work like quotes for processing search requests. 
3. Try not to use stop words such as "com" or "the" and single letters or digits in search requests. These words are so frequently used that they do not effectively narrow down search results.
 4. If you do need to use a stop word try using the + character separated by a space.  Eg. to find results for "Apollo 13" try "Apollo +13" 
5. To exclude words from search result use the minus sign ( - ) before the word you want to exclude from the results. Eg. to find results for the word "yachts" without displaying any results for boats enter "yachts -boats".