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Web and Usenet: Arfie searches three search engines at a time. The requests are made in parallel and are displayed as they come back. 
If Arfie does find 10 or more matches you still can go to the next set of search engines by pressing on the "Next Set of Search Engines" button at the bottom of the page.
If Arfie does not get at least 10 documents matching your query, it will automatically move to the next three and so on until all are searched or until 10 matches are found.
Since Arfie automatically fetches more documents from larger databases when less than ten are found, you can put in as much or as little detail about what it is you want to find and not be disappointed with too few matches. 
We have attempted to make it easy to follow up on the query sent to each search engine. The query sent to the search engine is printed and linked to the page generating the results. In addition, if the search engine finds more than the maximum displayable matches (i.e., 10), a link to the next 10 should also be present, (where supported).