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Just enter your search terms and click Search. Excite searches millions of Web pages and other content sources and provides the results you need.
Search results are not limited to just Web pages: results can include relevant information including stock quotes, sports scores, weather reports, company information, and headline news.
Excite searches for documents containing the exact words that you enter into the Search box. But that's not all: Excite takes search technology one step further...not just words, Excite also searches for ideas closely related to the words in your query.
Excite's search engine knows that a relationship exists between words and concepts like "elderly people" and "senior citizens." Excite Search learns about related concepts from the documents themselves, and learns more from each new document it indexes.
For example, suppose you search on the terms "elderly people financial concerns." In addition to finding sites containing those exact words, the search engine will find sites mentioning the economic status of retired people and the financial concerns of senior citizens.