1.Search for ideas and concepts instead of just keywords, using more than one word in your search. Magellan uses Intelligent Concept Extraction (ICE) to find relationships that exist between words and ideas, so the results of a search will contain words related to the concepts you're searching for.
2.Magellan's search results are sorted by relevance. The results nearest the top will usually be the most relevant.
3.Use Magellan's Find Similar link. If you find that one of the many returned results better describes what you are searching for, click on the words "Find Similar" next to the URL. Our search engine will then use that document as an example in a new search, to find more sites similar to the one you liked.
4.Use more descriptive, specific words as opposed to general ones. For example, a search for "Lamborghini" will return much more specific results than a search for "sports cars."
5.Try an Advanced Search. Use the "+" (plus) sign for words that your results MUST contain. Or use the "-" (minus) sign in your query to tell the search engine that your results should NOT contain a certain word.When using these options, do not leave any space between the sign and the word.