Search and Channels

 WebCrawler supports "natural language searching" so that users can type their searches in plain  English without worrying about mastering complex search syntax. Although if you do happen to be a  master of complex search syntax, you'll be happy to know that WebCrawler also supports a wide  range of Boolean search operators. See Advanced Searching for details.
 To use WebCrawler's Search Feature, you just need to be able to describe what you're looking for  with a series of words or a phrase, and then click the "Search" button. When you type in a series of  search terms, WebCrawler is programmed to find results that match any or all of those words.
 However, WebCrawler assumes that you're most interested in results that contain all of the words you entered and gives those  documents a higher relevance score so they appear at the top of the list.  Because the default search method is to find any or all of the terms, WebCrawler also returns pointers to pages that contain some of the words.
 For example, the search NASA space shuttle program will produce pointers near the top of the results list that contain all of those words but will also include results that contain references only to NASA or space or shuttle or program.