Vacation Spot
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Kelley's Cove, Rockville, Sand Beech
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Does your dad know you got his best lore?
The group decide to go to Kelley's cove wharf for the afternoon.  The older "kids" decided to try out their luck fishing while the younger ones decide to explore the beach for snails and what ever else they could discover. Us older folks decided to explore a bit and try and capture a few interesting pictures.  
It's a snail!  No. It's a slug!
Quarts rock
If you are a rock hound Rockville is the place for you.  The wide variety of the rocks  are the result of the glaciers that swept over this area about 10,000 yeas ago.
The photographer in the group wanted to find an object with surrealistic depth. This he felt would help him to comprehend the meaning of life.  As I watched my kids explore the beach I felt I knew the meaning of life. This small section of Yarmouth County has provided us with many moments of pleasure, and memories that last for years.
I call it 
"rusty spike in old log".
As I sat back to soak up the sun my spirit transcended it's earthly abode and I rose  in the air.  I looked down on the village of  Rockville with Chebogue River in the background. 
All was well with the world. 
P.S. Luckily I had my camera. :-)
A few minutes of beach combing can yield a treasure.
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