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Welcome to the Villages of Yarmouth County Nova Scotia Canada. Presented to you by GrassRoutes Internet.  If you live in the area or plan on visiting this web site will give you a good idea of who we are.  If you have moved away, drop in and see what you are missing.  Our GuestBook has 1000's of entries with comments from people who have surfed our site and others who want to keep in touch or have genealogical requests. If you would like to add content related to Yarmouth, contact Please type the word Yarmouth as the first word on your subject line.

The following businesses make our Villages presentation possible.

Canadian Tire.  Much more that just tires! We can provide you with all your vacation needs, be it a fish hook, a tent or car repair. We have it all!

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Pleasant Valley
 Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Location of old mill
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Bridge #2
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Villages of Yarmouth County

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