Rum Running part - 2


of liquor. The only problem was that they could only hold twenty-eight hundred, which they discarded in Boston. He made about $100.00 per month, and for extra money he would make extra trips to places like Bermuda, for about $50.00. Lightning called rum running "the chase of the hound and the hare", because of the thrill of escape from the cutters. They used smoke screens as cutters. Lightning also worked on boats that brought booze to yachts that cruised the United States. On his way to Halifax two weeks after he was married, he was rum running for 72 days and arrived home on New Years Eve. Most times they would be home for only three days.

A Fictitious Story

Once while unloading booze off Connecticut, a fellow named Smiley was loading cases of booze onto his speedboat when the Coast Guard cutter approached. The lines of the boat were unhooked and Smiley raced for the shore with the cutter firing and hitting the boat. Smiley made it to shore and hid the boat, later repairing and painting it. The Coast Guard suspected him, but he showed them the boat and they could prove nothing.

Once a young fellow came down the street with a bag of blueberries. A man on the street remarked how the blueberries were big but not as big as the ones he had seen in Newfoundland while fishing. He told the little boy that from the boat he saw a hill that was all blue. When they got on the land and up the hill they saw blueberries the size of melons. As they started to pick them, the berries fell from the vine and rolled down the hill toward a flock of sheep. The berries broke open and the juice flowed down the hill drowning the sheep.

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